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Applying for credit cards is easier for OFW 's than those people applying in the Philippines. Not only that most of us are earning better abroad (the number one requirement for aspiring credit card holders is the salary) but also OFW credit card account holders are easier to collect payment from (mas madali tayong singilin.) This is because most credit card accounts are also tied to existing ATM or passbook account, although I've heard (or read over the internet) that some do not require such.

If you are planning to apply for a credit card, I suggest that you do it online. Yes, my fellow OFW 's. Apply for credit card online. Here are some practical reasons why online credit card application is better than going to the bank yourself or sending the application via postal mail:

Online credit card application is faster
I hate writing. I passed elementary and high school with flying colors and different citations without keeping a decent lecture notebook. I would rather type on a laptop while the teachers are blattering their nonsense if laptops are affordable in those days. Same with credit card applications. You don't have to write everything on a piece of glossy paper. The boxes are too small and I'm sure, with too many blanks to fill up, nobody in history has ever perfected filling up a credit card application form without an erasure, mis-spellings or without asking for another copy from the bank. I recommend that try searching over the internet for the keyword "[your favorite bank'c name] credit card online application" or something like that to get a list of links of online application forms for credit cards. I will try finding some banks over the net offering online credit card application and post it here sometime.

Also, sending the filled-up form via online application form only takes a click of a button and arrives in the bank's inbox in just a matter of seconds unlike sending the form over the postal mail which takes 3 to 7 days before arriving to the Philippines.

Applying for credit card online is cheaper
Imagine how much you will spend sending the form via postal mail. And, hey!, aside from the application form you will also have to attach the other documents you photocopied together with the app form. Di ka pa nga nagkaka credit card may utang ka na.

Online application for credit cards are more likely to be approved than offline applications.
Sometimes, the application reviewers get back to applicants for for verifications, additional documents and if one or more of your documents are denied. If you applied online, communicating messages and exchanging documents are easier and faster. On the other hand, if you applied offline and one of your documents are denied or lacking, you are automatically denied.

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Anonymous said...

sir pano ako makakakuha ng form online?anong site po?thank you...

siska yuniati said...

just for philippines?


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